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Our Story

What we’re all about

Uke’s Playgroup has been running since 2003 in the Melville/Auckland Park area. It is a small and intimate playgroup, to ensure each child gets the attention and stimulation he /she needs. I take between 12-15 children. I have 2 assistants of which one is male. It’s so important for children to see a male in a nurturing role at a school, especially since we live in a society where so many father’s are absent or teachers are all female.

Children normally start in my baby group called The Wendyhouse and then move on to playgroup when they are ready. It is a very gradual and an easy transition from baby group to playgroup. No need for it to be stressful for you or child. We are unique where in parent/childminder can stay until your child is fully settled at playgroup.

We are a playgroup that really values diversity and are aware of the importance of different culture, race and family structure and we ensure that our playgroup creates a sense of belonging for each child by embracing and acknowledging all our differences.

Each area of learning is there to develop the child physically, cognitively, emotionally and socially in a playful environment.

The children at Uke’s Playgroup are really happy and loved.


At Uke’s Playgroup we believe in making your child’s first school experience very special, super fun , filled with love and the freedom to explore while learning through play. We’ve been doing this for 15 years. 

Hours : 8.00-12.10
Age : 6 months-3 1/2 Years 

We have different options for you to choose from to suit your child’s specific needs.

*You or your childminder or grandparent can attend a group together once a week for an hour and a half. ( Different days for different age groups)
* Your child can attend 3 or 5 mornings per week for 4 hours on his/her own or with someone until he/she is used to playgroup.

Daily routine:

We have a good balance between free play and structured activity. Routine is important to make young children feel safe and secure. But we are very flexible, because they are still very small!


What People are Saying

“My twins attended The Wendyhouse and later the Playgroup. I couldn’t have asked for a more loving and gentle approach into the ‘big world’

Each child can develop at their own pace (initially with a caregiver at their side if you wish) and is encouraged to explore, develop and learn through play (those messy paint jobs, head-to-toe, that we don’t want to clean, are encouraged)

It is small and very personal, but most importantly Uke follows a wholistic approach with each child. She encourages every tiny personality to grow uniquely and with confidence

Her assistants are equally loving and engage enthusiastically with the kids

A truly safe and nurturing environment x.”


“Our son first went to the Wendyhouse and then he happily moved over to Uke’s Playgroup. There is very good support from Uke and the other staff and they are all very attentive to your child and their needs. I highly recommend Uke. “


Playgroup Hours
08:00am – 12:10pm

082 451 3476